The Start of Whole Heart

5 1/2 years doing disaster relief and the Lord has brought us here to Northern Iraq working alongside other believers caring for people in one of the biggest crisis our generation has ever seen, over 10 million people displaced and thousands killed all in the name of God.  

John 16 wasn't a lie, when Jesus said, "they will kill you thinking they offer God service"  funny how we can so easily think we are doing God a favor...The Lord doesn't need us to do His work, but we certainly need Him!  Its an honor and a privilege to be here loving people, and learning how to love the Lord even more!  

We have talked about starting and organization for a long time.  Our heart is to bring people into wholeness, body, soul and spirit.  That they could feel the freedom and joy that we walk in daily.  This has been such a big step for us but at the same time God has so effortlessly opened every door for it!  I can only rest in assurance that this is His idea and not ours!  I have such a deep desire to blog and write all that God will do and is doing!  Jesus give me grace!