Our Move to the Middle East

Well, its been 10 months of resting, getting our health back and reconnecting with friends and family!  What an amazing and blessed time after 4 1/2 years of running hard doing disaster relief all over the world.  

The time has come and the Lord is calling us back to the Middle East!  To put in some deep roots and help rebuild the lives of so many that have been ruined at the hands of ISIS.  Our commitment to this vision is for the next 2-5 years. 

We will be saying goodbye to our friends and family at the end of June! We will transition our family back into unfamiliar places and begin a new life with a beautiful culture!

God has continued to speak to Jordan and I that we are builders and that we are to do exactly what Isaiah 61:1-4 speaks of, 

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor;He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,To proclaim liberty to the captives,And the opening of the prison to those who are bound; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,And the day of vengeance of our God;To comfort all who mourn, To console those who mourn in Zion,To give them beauty for ashes,The oil of joy for mourning,The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;That they may be called trees of righteousness,The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.  And they shall rebuild the old ruins,They shall raise up the former desolation's, And they shall repair the ruined cities,The desolation's of many generations." 

We feel so blessed to be able to partner with the Lord in this vision! Even more blessed that we have an avenue to pour our hearts out to so many in such great need of a love they have never known!  We are thankful to CRI to be able to partner in doing such amazing things!

We have so many things in our heart that we feel the Lord is calling us to in this region!  Our main priority will be to focus on building relationships in our community and through these relationships partnering in rebuilding projects.

As most of you know dozens of villages and cities have been destroyed by ISIS, not allowing so many thousands of families to go home.  But The desire to go back home and to rebuild in the places that are safe is not going away and these families will be going back home!  We want to be right alongside these beautiful people to help rebuild and share all the love that God has so freely given us!  There is such a great opportunity right now for the church to rise up and shower the Middle East with Love and even the refugees that will be coming to our own country.  We pray that every single person would ask the Lord what is your part in one of the greatest times in history when so many people are coming to know truth!  You may not be called to leave...but then again you might be :) be open willing and available to all that God has, it will lead you into the greatest adventure of your life! This is what we are on now and couldn't ask for anything more!  

Helicopter ride to Sinjar Mountain

Two days ago I had the privilege and actually the answered prayer to be able to take a helicopter to the top of Mount Sinjar of the Shingal Mountains, 5 kilometers from the Syrian border which is all under the complete control of ISIS.  Only at the very top of the mountain is there areas that have Peshmerga and PKK fighters, fighting off the agenda of ISIS to finish off the 10,000 Yazidi people that are still trapped on the mountain.  

It might be out of the mainstream news but the reality is, is that there is still 1,000 families living on the top of a mountain in the middle of desert, coming into winter with no food, warm clothes or the ability to keep themselves from the dangers of ISIS and the out of control soldiers that would take advantage of the woman.

Who will care about these people!?  I saw with my own eyes the desperation for help and to get off that mountain...but where is the help?  Its no where, because these people are caught in the political game greed, control and manipulation.  I cant forget what I saw, now I must live my life to help free these people I am not sure how, actually I don't even know where to start except to pray and feel there must be more that I can do?  I wont let the circumstance stop me.  I wont let the political out of my league commanders and officials scare me or cause me to back down...I must press through and find a way to get these people off the mountain.  I believe God hears the cries of my heart, I believe He will take care of these people, I believe He is a just God and I believe He has a plan.  My only prayer is that I could align with His plan and partner with Him to see a miracle take place.

We stepped on the helicopter ready to make our way to the shingal mountains that we knew were controlled by ISIS, having two gunners aboard and ready to fire if need be...No gurantees for anything not to make it to the mountain or to make it off the mountain....as we landed and began to throw supplies out the door we saw the desperation of the soldiers of the refugees, people trying to break through the crowds to get on the helicopter.  People screaming and pushing and throwing themselves at the door, eventually there being too many people we needed to take off...our first pass was unsuccessful for my team to make it off the aircraft. Headed back to base upset and angry that we didn't make it of the helicopter.  Trying to pray and decide what our next step should be I looked around the helicopter at all the desperate hurt soldiers we were taking back to base, and then suddenly hearing gun fire realizing we had taken fire from ISIS and we were now shooting back.  I was never scared, I could only think about how I needed to get back on the mountain! As soon as we landed I boldly voiced my opinion that, "I didn't come to take a helicopter tour of ISIS and the mountains, I came to do a job, to bring medical help and pray for refugees, we must go back!"  after phone calls and a lot of talk the commander decided to make another pass...We were successful.  As we ran from the copter to wait for the gear to be pulled out I saw chaos and the wind of the blades nearly threw me on my butt several times, thanks to two soldiers that stayed near to me holding me up...I saw our chopper being overtaken again by refugees and soldiers and he began to take off! I realized he hadn't dropped my stuff so I hand motioned to come back and give me my boxes...he made a second pass and began to drop my boxes!  My meds going everywhere!  All I could do was run towards the helicopter in desperation to grab all the supplies that were now flying everywhere!  The two soldiers were trying to restrain me but I was to determined to get to my supplies!  On my knees I began gathering as much as I could praying God please don't let anything be stolen!  By some miracle instead of stealing the supplies people picked them up and brought them to me! We made our way to the top of the mountain where the make shift "ER" and "pharmacy" tents were.

We greeted the commanders and met the doctor and two nurses on the mountain.  We had little time to be on the mountain, because we didn't make the first pass we had lost two hours...by this time we only had about 2 hrs left to be with the people.  We spoke with refugees prayed for some people and help treat minor illness.  We gave fruit and candy to the kids asking for their stories and trying to understand the truth of what was happening on the mountain.  One little boy eating an apple and saying, "I forgot the taste of apples".  They are getting little to no help. The aid that comes in from the helicopters is taken by soldiers or the strongest people.

I have now taken too many days to write this blog...what I need people to know is that these people desperately need help!  Our job as believers and human beings is to take care of the people in need.  Nobody can understand the desperation of these people and things we saw and felt as a team up on that mountain.  I plan to go back and care for these people!

Before we left the mountain a young Yazidi girl made it on the helicopter.  Thank God she did. She was so frightened, but at the same time the joy that she made it on the plane, fighting her way through all the soldiers and male refugees! She made it and prayerfully could find her family!  Our team made a few phone calls to find out where her family was so she could be reunited with them.  

The Goodness of God

Wow the goodness of God....I could write forever on this.  Its 2:40 in the morning I am celebrating my 11 year anniversary in  5 star hotel that I could never afford in my life, in Northern Iraq doing something I never could have imagined and at the same time God is answering every prayer and dream in my heart since I was a child!  

God is good!  

About a week ago I woke around 2am and I felt compelled to ask and pray about $1200 for arabic lessons.  So I put a quick post on Facebook and then said a simple prayer, Lord, please provide for me the $1200 for my Arabic lessons, God give me one check please" I prayed for one check because so many times I am waiting on funds coming from here and there and I feel such an urgency to learn.  I woke up the next morning and Jordan told me hey guess what?  Someone wrote you a $1200 check for your lessons!  God is so good! He cares about everything we care about!

I wanted to bless Jordan with a nice birthday and 11 year anniversary but we cant afford much, we drive by a 5 star hotel often on our way to take care of refugees.  Again I prayed Lord Make a way for us to stay there!  A few days later my close friends give us money to stay at a hotel, not enough for this one so I said, Lord make a way.  I emailed the hotel and asked if they could help me....guess what, They did!  They decked our room out gave us an incredible corner sweet with amazing views over the whole city and brought us a chocolate mouse cake....above and beyond....God is so good.

These are just a few physical stories of Gods goodness and blessings in our lives.  There is a whole other range of goodness that God is doing right now in our lives!  He is truly answering the desires of my heart!  People are getting healed, saved and their lives are changing in massive ways.  Gods love is pouring forth on all creation and we have a chance to be apart of it here in a war torn area, where darkness wants to take over and be the focus of the world!  Its an honor for us to be here in the midst of it all.

As its now 3am I am sitting in my bed looking out over the beautiful city dreaming with God and envisioning what His plan is for His people here and also for me and my family....I feel that the possibilities are endless!  We will see God do great and mighty things in this place no doubt about it.

Pray with me if you can.  I want to build a refugee camp founded on the word of God! A true place of refuge and worship...bring the truth to all the people that so desperately need it right now!  I can see an awesome camp being built, one that's like no other...one that's filled with hope, peace, joy and love and the overflow fills the city with its sweet fragrance! 

BELIEVE WITH ME FOR THIS! I want to see a nation affected by the prayers of the saints.  Bed time now.

Living in the Middle East

4 moths here.  Nothing has changed.  There is still hundreds of thousands of refugees, its still hot, we still have diarrhea, the power still goes out everyday, everything still takes 2-3 days to get finished and we are still pioneering whatever God whats to do among this refuge Nation.  

I guess if I look beyond the hardships of life in this place and ask to see with Kingdom eyes, I can see and trust the armies of heaven are fervently fighting a war that will be won!  And we are a part of this Master plan of Gods.  I can see lives changing, and peace coming.  I see healings, I see love covering a multitude of sins.  I see a refreshing water being poured out on all those that need His Grace for one more day.  

Our lives our not our own.  Do you we really believe that?  'if they persecuted me they will persecute you" Do you we really believe this and are we ready to drink this scripture like a refreshing glass of water?  I know my family is making decisions and placing ourselves directly in the midst of an ugly war, (physically and spiritually) But yet the peace seems to increase as the chaos and war rages. 

I am a simple person. God put a warrior heart in my spirit  the day I was born.  He filled me with truth and faith.  He said go and we said yes.  Life with the Lord is simple.  He directs our paths and as long as we keep saying yes He keeps making the way.  The road to yes is not always as simple!  But He gives the grace to keep running.  He brings people alongside of us to remember who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. He brings them to lift our arms and to carry us through.  To bring the refreshing and to remind us that we are not alone and there are others to fight the good fight!

I have been so humbled by the body that is coming together in prayer lifting up the gruesome situation here in the Middle East!  Not only have we felt the prayers we have seen them push back the waves of darkness!  We have seen heaven open and Gods love pour out!  Thank you everyone who has prayed for us, our teams and the beautiful people of the Middle East.  Daily my heart is stopped and in awe at the unity of the believers when there is challenges placed before us!  May God continue to unite His body and change the world!

Thank you God for my team!  You sent the right people!  You knew exactly who we needed here for the right time.  I stand in Awe that He is in control of everything and knows everything!  I have not doubts in His leadership and ability to walk me through this life with, love peace grace and mercy! 


Living in Iraq

We have now been in Northern Iraq for almost two and half months.  It feels like a lifetime really! Why? I don't know, maybe because the days are so long and hot :)  We stay up way to late because that is the culture, but then our children remind us they are not fully Iraqi (although Beniniah is more Iraqi than he is American) they wake up early and ready face the day.  

Its hot here.  I mean really hot.  And do you know the power is out 3-6 hours a day at random times, no big deal right? Well when its 120 degrees it becomes a big deal especially when you have small children, your trying to run a deployment, and you have a million things happening and going wrong all at once :) 

There is a million things I have to say but for some reason as I sit here I am drawing a blank!  This might be because my brain is so fried haha :) Thank God for the little things and all His amazing ways of showing us his love and provisions.

ok more to come tomorrow...

Heart for the Middle East

Our time in Israel and Kurdistan of Iraq, has really solidified the call for us as a family for the Middle East.  There is no way to deny the compassion we have in our hearts for the people in the Middle East.  While we were in Kurdistan we met so many amazing beautiful people!  We in the West are so good at judging and assuming so many things, that when you actually spend time with this culture you realize they carry so many things that we have forgotten!  We have made wonderful friends and these friends treat us like family.  The way they love our children is absolutely mind blowing, caring for them as their own.  Going to every length to make us feel comfortable and loved.  

Its no wonder every time we leave I start crying about a week before we leave!  :)  How do you leave people you have just met and fallen in love with?  I have no answer to this except to say, "I am coming back"  And that's exactly what we are doing!  We are headed back to Iraq and Israel.  We are making ourselves available for God to use us and take us wherever He wants.  We cant wait to take everyone with us on this journey of faith, Hope and Love.

Typhoon Haiyan

Jordan went with CRI director Sean Malone and a small team to do assessments after Typhoon Haiyan. They ended up in the hard hit city of Ormoc on the island of Leyte on the day the port opened bringing food and supplies for 1,000 families. They met a group of pastors at the port who were a part of a network of 33 churches that were in desperate need of food for thier families and congregations. The team was able to encourage the pastors as the food was distributed among them. They also were able to go and encourage three congregations that Sunday. At the end of the trip the baton was passed to a team of 20 from YWAM Kona who brought in twice the amount of supplies to the pastors and their communities in Ormoc. We have now been able to feed 15,000 people. Please continue to pray for the Philippines. You can donate to the ongoing relief effort at www.criout.com You can also click here to see the latest CRI video from the Philippines.

Partnership with YWAM

Jessica and I are excited to be a part of a new partnership with Youth With A Mission and Crisis Response International!  This partnership is the fruit of over a year of prayer that we would be able to have a school with YWAM that would help to disciple and train up missionaries that would go into places of crisis around the world. So this September we will be helping to lead the first ever Crisis Response Discipleship Training School!

 We are so excited to pour into the lives of young missionaries as they gain a foundation in their faith that will serve them for a lifetime!  It will be comprised of three months of teaching and hands on training in Kona, Hawaii, then two months of outreach/deployment to places of Crisis in the world.  A few possible destinations are Israel, Brazil, Lebanon, and the Philippines. 

Jessica and I are still full time staff with Crisis Response International. CRI is still doing training's apart from YWAM through the Crisis Response Units throughout the country. Those that go through the Crisis Response DTS will become a CRI responder certified to deploy with CRI as well as becoming a YWAMER who will be able to take advanced training's or staff future schools, or continue on with other YWAM opportunities around the world. 

We are expectant of God to do miracles in this upcoming school!  

We would love for you to join us! There is still room for you or any of your friends and family that would be interested. Families are welcome. For more info go to http://www.uofnkona.edu/training/crisis-response-dts.

Moore Oklahoma Update

The Danchik family just returned home from their deployment to the Moore Oklahoma area where they helped respond to the aftermath of the tornadoes that devastated the area. The Danchiks are working on getting more updates together so friends, family and supporters can know how their lives are reaching out to those affected by crisis around the globe. Here are some of the statistics of what they were able to accomplish with their CRI Unit in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma CRI Unit has:
- Served over 22,000 meals
- Washed over 1,200 loads of laundry
- Distributed supplies to over 800 families
- Worked on 85 homes
- Seen ankles and brokenness healed
- Renewed and saved numerous hearts for Jesus.

It is amazing what God can do through a CRI Unit in just a matter of weeks. 

Below is a video update from Jordan and Jessica from Oklahoma.

Baptism, tragedy and God's Power

Wow, The Lord allowed Jordan and I to see His powerful hand in the midst of tragedy. Two days ago Jordan, JJ, myself and 4 other of our CRI team members went on a 5 mile hike to green sands beach. At the beach our friend Anthony decided to have us baptize him as he is growing in his faith and desiring to follow Jesus with his whole life! On the way home we came upon a woman laying in the road surrounded by about 12 young asian people.

A few minutes earlier she had been standing in the back of a truck and the truck swerved causing her to fly out at 35-40mph, she landed on her head and shoulder.  When we arrived we immediately could tell everyone standing around her was in shock, they were scared for their friend and didnt know what to do. So our CRI training kicked in and we began to help.


As we ran over I held her head and quickly to stabilize and make sure she didn't move, I introduced ourselves and called out to everyone to cry out to the Jesus that he would hear from heaven and heal this woman.  After our prayer the team was amazing we didn't even have to talk to each other we all just took our positions, Shelah began to do a partial head to toe exam, where we found out that she lost her vision from the impact.  Phil began taking vitals, Patty was praying and gathering information about the incident and already planning debriefing strategies, Jordan was praying on the side with individuals including the driver helping him walk through this traumatic event (CISM skills) and Anthony praying and directing traffic!  We worked as one unit it was such a great feeling!

As I looked in the young girls eyes all I could see was blackness, you could see no color in her eye, it was a moment of helplessness at the thought that this girl was now blind from the impact.  We felt the urgency that if God didn't show up then nothing would happen, so I cried out again that "everyone lift your voices to the Lord and pray that she would see and whatever was causing the blindness that it would correct itself."  It was like what paul must have felt in the book of acts being of one accord, because for that brief moment in time I felt that all of us were united like I have never felt, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so comforting and powerful!  After about one maybe two minutes of prayer I asked her to open her eyes again she didn't need to say anything I knew she could see because now I could see her beautiful brown eyes.  In her tired pained voice she said, "I can see thank you Jesus!"  This brought faith to everyones heart we praised God and began to ask for more so we prayed for her head.  I was holding her

head and on each side there was two orange size hematoma's (swelling) and as we prayed I literally felt these things go down!  At first I didn't believe it so I tried to look!  I kept my hands on her head and we kept praying.  By the time the paramedics arrived a few more minutes the swelling had reduced to maybe egg size or smaller!!  We thanked the Lord for the work he did  but we continue to pray for a complete healing for Yuri the young girl.

What we didn't know till after the ambulance left was that these young koreans were kids from the YWAM (youth with a mission) base in Kona!!!  They were all believers!  We knew that this was a traumatic event for them and that they would need after care so we called the base and asked if our team could come and facilitate a debriefing for them, they set this up and we drove the next day to Kona.  It was good to see all of them again.  As a team we helped them process the things they saw, heard and felt.  All the guilt, fear shame and helplessness came out and the Lord came in and touched each one.  We were able to pray and then prophecy over these young people!  The previous emotional trauma of the event was now for most of them a tool they saw the Lord using in their life! What an amazing God we serve!  He touched these young people, each one in a different way!  The driver did not show up so we are still praying for him as his walk with the Lord is not strong and he was full of guilt, we even heard the night of the accident that he was suicidal, please continue to lift him up in prayer.

We were able to see Yuri in the hospital and she was in stable condition, with a fractured skull, vertebrae and toe, with lots of road rash.  She was so positive and asked us to please pray for her family that are unbelievers.

Jordan and I walked away from the incident thanking God for the gift that He put us all there at the right time.  That all our training for crisis gave us the confidence to act and move without blinking and eye and more important our faith to trust Him and cry out for healing was heard and answered!  We share this story with you because its a fresh one, but also to encourage you to believe God for more!  Expect Him to move and change lives!

We hope you are blessed by this story and stirred with faith to see God move!


Blessings from the Danchik's

Jordan and I write all of you today with lots of excitement and full of expectancy for what God is doing here in the islands!  We came out here with Crisis Response International helping facilitate/lead training schools for the organization and now we have found ourselves in the middle of something incredible that God is doing here in this little town of Naalehu, HI, the southern most point of the United states!  We connected here with the local churches and begun to build relationships with them.  As we helped out with the worship and prayer meetings in any way that we could we began to see the Lords heart for this island and the local people.  The Lord began to draw all kinds of unexpected "church guests"!!  One of the big ICE dealers (meth) on this side of the island came and ended up giving his life to the Lord, we had guys come straight from prison right to church that were touched by the Lord!  Many of the congregation that have not moved in the gifts of the Spirit began to use their gifts of prophecy, intercession, exhortation and healing!  Its been an incredible experience to see the Lord moving in the ways that we have so desired to see!

We also had the privilege to pray for a woman who my mom had met a week prior and had told me she was so worried about this young woman who was going to have open heart surgery.  Well the local church decided to do their Sunday service at the beach last week.  This local woman was down there (as this was her normal hang out along with many other locals)  My mother saw this woman and went over and invited her along with another guy.  At the end of the service I saw her raise her hand to know Jesus.  But right after the service they left.  My mom came running over and said you have to go after them, she is the one who needs the heart surgery!!!

So we went over and asked her if we could pray for her.  The Lord showed up and prophetically ministered to her heart in a way that was life changing and impacting!  After this we asked if we could pray for healing!  As we prayed for healing we asked her if she felt any changes (she had a tumor that burst two weeks earlier that caused numbness from the waist down)  She said that she was able to feel her feet for the first time in two weeks!!

We felt the Holy Spirit in such a powerful way that we knew the Lord would heal her completely so we prayed for her again and then I gave her my number and said the Lord is going to completely heal you today call me after He does!  Sure enough we got a phone call the next morning that she was completely healed!  She said that, after we prayed she was out fishing and she started feeling super sick so she went home and got in the bath tub, she was rubbing her stomach cause she felt so sick and when she got up to go to the bathroom she said it was like she was having a miscarriage, a ton of fluid came rushing out of her body!  She said this happen two more times.  She was so scared, but at the same time wondering if this was the fluid that was surrounding her heart.

She called her doctor first thing and so they told her to come in.  They did blood work and an MRI and to much astonishment of the doctors they found no fluid surrounding the heart, no more hole in heart which caused a heart murmur and her border line diabetic blood was now at perfect levels!  Her surgery was scheduled for Friday in San Diego, and her survival chance from the surgery was at 30% so you can imagine she was full of fear and not ready to do this.  The doctors canceled her surgery because there was no need!  She told her doctors "I don't need surgery because God is my surgeon!!"  Not only did the Lord draw her to himself by love, but he healed her and He set her heart on fire for Him!  She is passionate for Him and she told me,"all I want to do is fill my life with the Fathers words!"  As you can imagine we are just so excited to see the Lord moving in all the ways He is!!

The drug dealer that got saved is now preaching Jesus to his family and everyone he see's!  Its incredible!  People want to know about Jesus because they see how changed his life has become!!

We feel so honored that the Lord has allowed us to be apart of so many changes in peoples lives, we are also SO expectant for much more!!!

During all this excitement we are also gearing up and preparing for our Crisis Response training in Isra-el that takes place in October.  We believe this will be a strategic trip not only for our responders attending but also for Jordan and I personally, for whatever the Lord would have for us in the future for regarding Israel.  We will be working with the Israeli Defense Force, the local police department, the fire department and also the EVP(the emergency volunteer program).  This will be an exciting training with also the possibilities of outreach to the North and South in Isra-el.

We are also in prayer about the possibilities of helping to lead an ACR Intensive 3 month training school in Canbuy, Orgeon starting in January.

We so value all of your prayers and support.  We want to thank each one of you for giving financially toward Jordan and I.  We are doing what we are doing because you have agreed to partner with us and say yes to the Lord in support for us.  Every life that is touched through what we are doing here in Hawaii, the Philippines, Japan, Isra-el and many other places you are directly connected to the blessings being poured out in the work that is done!

Thank you & we continue to pray for God's best for you & your family!

Overview ARC 2

Well, it's about time that I (Jordan) write my first blog for our site!

So here goes, I thought I would do a summary of what we did at the ARC school in South Point Hawaii aka ARC 2, since it was the second ARC school. We began our journey with the South Point School in mid - December as we arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii. Upon our arrival we connected with Ryan (Jessica's brother) &  his wife Jamie & thier son Malachi & dog Bandit :) Ryan was working in conjuction with a ministry named Highway 58, he was overseeing a 97 acre property and starting a coffee farm.  CRI was given the opportunity to do training on the property and help with starting the farm. Jessica and I were able to help build up the garden in anticipation of staff and students that were coming.  Eventually with the help of a D8 Bulldozer we were able to clear a place for the camp & ARC School.  Day by day 10 staff members began to arrive and put thier hand to clearing the land and tent by tent build our camp.  Soon there was a main meeting tent, shower tent, storage/tool tent, kitchen tent, & staff housing tents. From late December to February 11th we made preparation for the students to arrive. On February 12th  our 12 students arrived and began to set up thier tents and get acclamated to living in the camp. It was not long before the thirteen week teaching curriculm began. Due to our unique environment some of our teaching content was on sustainability, we were able to have 30% of our food coming from the garden as well as being able to trap, kill, & eat wild boar on the property of which we got one in the school and three shortly after. We also had the opportunity to hunt & eat wild goat as well as spearfish and fish in the local area.  Our camp had a generator for power, propane fridge, propane stoves, porta potties (by the end of the school we built composting toilets), and some limited running water.  Our schedule consisted of workout at 6:00 am, breakfast at 7:15 am, worship and prayer 8:00 - !0:00, teaching from 10:00 -12:30, lunch 12:30 -1:30, teaching or project 130 - 3:30, work duty/project time (garden, kitchen, maintenance, etc.) 3:30 - 5:00, dinner 5:00- 6:00, free time, and occasional teaching time, 9:00 lights out. Our teachers included : Sean Malone, (Vision & Mission of CRI, four phases of disaster, processing pig and cooking) Laura Malone ( HOPE House Of Prayer & Encounter, Conflict Resolution) Ken & Carrie Husband (ACTS 2  fitness & nutrition)  Bryan Finlay & Stacy Pulse (Daily Fitness)Craig Cook (Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance, End Time Theology, Partner Development) Dr. Bob Doe (Emphasizing the directioin of Holy Spirit in phases of disaster & whether or not to rebuild a city, ex. Haiti/ New Orleans) Ryan Schumacher (agriculture) Jonathan Oliver (Situational Awareness/Self Defense) Ash (Hawaiian Fish Lesson, Spearfishing- Fishing - Cleaning) Pastor Troy (Hawaiian Cultural Sensitivity- Goat Cleaning- Processing) Karen Knopp (CPR Preparation)Tracy White (CPR/ First Aid, Wilderness First Aid)  David Bustin ( HAMM Radio) Wade Baker (Search & Rescue) Bob Frasier (ACTS Prayer Model) Alan Robinson (Basic Health Practices/ Sustainability) Noel Alexander (Intercession from Heaven's Perspective) Neville Jacobson (Testimony of a Life of Faith) Chris Bergland (The Simplicity of Christ/Abiding life - What's possible in Christ) Page Benke (Grief & Loss) Patty Meyers (Treasure Hunting/Prophetic Evangelism) Steve (Basic Building) Jessica Danchik (Preparedness) Jordan Danchik (ACTS Prayer Model, CISM, Criticle Incident Stress Manageent) Tom & Donna Cole (Pure Heart ,inner healing based on the beattitudes)

Of all that was taught and experienced in the thirteen weeks the greatest lessons were found in living in community among the challenging conditions.  It was stretching for both staff and students yet produced powerful lifelong friendships. Jessica and I were so thankful to be a part of the experience and look forward to the next adventure. 

Danchiks as of July 2012

So here we are July 2012, with our first break since last year when Jordan and I first joined with Crisis Response International! It has been full of the Holy Spirit, deployment, adventure, crisis, family, faith, hardship and lots of love! We have enjoyed every bit of what God has called us to do! Having accomplished a basic training and two ARC intensives, response to disaster in Japan and the Philippines, we are excited to look ahead at our Israel training in October and our next ARC training. We also continue to seek the Lord on any deployment to happen between now and then.

We have successfully finished leading our second ARC training school. This school was hosted on a piece of remote

property on the big island of Hawaii. The school was 3 months long, but in preparation for the school and afterwards we spent a good six months with limited running water and electricity. We had seemed to run into problem after problem and hardship all around, while at the same time encountering the love of Jesus and the power of His presence. He gave Jordan and I strength that was beyond what we knew! We believe not only were the students being trained for what they would encounter in the future but we also were being stretched and trained for more to come!

After the end of our school we came to find out that we would no longer be able to use the property that we had spent the last six months building our camp on, this came as a great surprise and left our leadership team in shock. Not to mention that CRI had just moved the whole organization to the area believing this would be a long term base of operations! But just how The Lord operates, the next day Jordan and Sean (the director of CRI) left for the Philippines to meet up with the rest of the CRI team and God poured out in a great way! With salvation and healing before their eyes, the hardships of the last six months seemed to be of no significance of Gods ability to be in control!

With the help from you, our partners, Jordan and I were able to build a shack house on the property believing that we would be

there for at least a few years saving us money instead of renting! But through the changes with the property we have found ourselves posting ads on craigslist to sell our “dream home”. Again we are confident of Gods ability to take care of us and provide, not only a buyer but a new place to live. Believing that he can provide finances for us through this sale!  We are fortunate right now that we are able to continue to live in our shack house till the Lord shows us the next step!

"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes.  So is everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3:8  This verse is a statement of our lives right now!  We are truly waiting on the Lord for His every move.  We can do nothing apart from His leading.  Sometimes it looks and feels challenging but then you see the fruit!  Just in the past few weeks we have been able to be apart of creative miracle healings and salvations of drug dealers, men from prison and several other prodigals!  The Lord is so good and our hearts desire to love with His love!

Update on Danchiks Jan 2012

Well as most of you know Jessica and I have decided to join as full time staff with Crisis Response International Ministries (CRI) as "mercy missionaries" . This is a disaster relief ministry whose desire and call is to train people (Mercy missionaries) to care for those in crisis and to help them to rebuild their lives and cities on the kingdom of God.  We raise all of our own support to be able to do the work that we do.  We are so greatful for all of our friends and family for their amazing support to allow us to do that which is in our hearts to do!  Thank You!


In September we made a big decision to get rid of everything we own and move to Lucerne Valley for a 9 week ARC Intensive training with CRI
where we would be pastorally facilitating the students.  This was one of the most incredible things we have done.  The community that we formed and all the things we learned were life changing.  There were classes daily on all kinds of things from agriculture, wilderness first aid, Ham radio, Critical incident stress management (CISM), food safety, security, fitness, healthy living, to search and rescue overnight simulations!  We lived in the desert 9 weeks with no electricity or hot showers!  The only way for electricity was through the generators we used.  I will just say this, when you get 55 people together in that kind of setting you are bound to grow and to be changed!  It was hard season but it was the most incredible at the same time!


Right after the ARC Intensive we led a 15 person team to Japan, where we were able to accomplish our three main goals. 1. Provide Disaster relief assistance for the two hard hit areas from the March tsunami in the North and also the back to back typhoons that hit the south.  2.  Partner with the Tokyo house of prayer.  3.  To set the stage for future deployments/trainings in Japan.  We were able to accomplish all of these goals.  It was an incredible trip!  Please visit our facebook page or our media page on the website for photos of both the ARC Intensive School and the Japan trip.

THE BIG NEWS!                                                                           

We will be moving to Hawaii the big island for about the next year or so to facilitate and lead the next ARC Intensives!   We will be pastorally over 40 students and 20 staff.  This is an exciting jump for us as we feel God has prepared us for this very moment! Jessica's brother Ryan Schumacher lives in Hawaii working with Highway 58 Ministries on 94 acres of land.  He is building a sustainable living community and farm.  This is where we will be doing the next ARC Intensives.  The Property is totally barren of any civilization only what Ryan has begun to farm (as you can see in the pictures)

We desire that you get involved in any way that you can! You can help us through prayer, financially or by joining the training. To know more about how you can partner with us, please visit our Get Involved Page.

Windstorm and upcoming events

This week was a pretty wild week up in the desert!  We had a massive windstorm sweep through the area all day on Wednesday.  It came with 70mph winds and rain!  When your in the middle of the desert and nothing surrounding you it can be quite intense!  We thought we had braced well for the storm but as it came we realized that the winds were much more intense then we imagined!  So with dust ripping through the air hitting us like a sand blaster we pressed through for 3 or so hours in the madness to get all the tents and tarps down, including taking apart our hydroponic unit and also re-assesing our chickens and goat pens.  

When it was all said and done it was a great mini real life crisis situation that caused our team to unify and learn to work together in the midst of chaos.  That week also happen to be our training in CISM (critical incident stress managment) so we were able to do a great real life debriefing with our teacher and had some great examples of walking people through their own healing, because the storm hit a trigger in their heart about fear from their past.  The Lord could not have planned it better.  This was a great scenerio to put into play all the things we had learned during the week!  

We did have a tragedy that also happened this week, Jordan's cousin Sam was shot and killed in New Mexico, this was a very difficult blow to his family as you can imagine.  Right now we are in the midst of trying to arrange plans to be able to attend the memorial and funeral New Mexico next week. Please as you read this if you could just lift up their whole family in prayer especially Jordans aunt, Sam's mom.  

We would also like to let you guys know whats going on for us in the future and where we could use your prayers and support.  We finish our training up in the desert on November 11th, that same day we will drive to LAX and head to Japan. Jordan and I will CO-lead with our now, good friend Wade, who is actually teaching our training here in the desert on wilderness survival and first aid.  We will then stay in Japan from the 11th to the 29th.  During this trip we will focus mainly on buliding relationship with the Tokyo house of prayer and also some other contacts in the Osaka area.  We will also go up to Sendai (the tsunami hit area) and Osaka, where the typhoons caused damage, to do some relief work in those areas.  We are excited to build relationship with the Japanese community and also look ahead for future training events in Japan.  

After this trip we will come back home for a couple weeks, where we would love to connect with all of you so please email us now for a time and date to connect!  Then we are off to hawaii, probally around the middle of December.  This is where we will be preparing for the next ARC Intensive training school that will be in February.  This will be another 3 month training event.  Jordan will be able to teach in this next school, so he is super excited to be able to pour out his passions for teaching into the next wave of students.

So yeah guys this is whats going on!  I will give another update next week, and I cant wait to fill you in after our wilderness survival class!  Its going to be a real fun week!  

We love you all and are keeping you in prayer and we thank you so much for all your prayers and support!! 

Much love, 

Jessica, Jordan and JJ

Ham radio License


First Two Weeks of ARC

Wow!!  What can I say the last two weeks have been a whirl wind!! Our send off party was amazing so thank you so much to everyone who came to be with us to pray and bless us as we headed off!   

Like usual it came to down to the last day with getting all our stuff out of the house and what we could fit in our car we took to Lucerne Valley to do our 9 week ARC training.  We are two weeks into it and can you believe it this is literally the first day we have had to be able to have a free moment!!  Our schedule is very rigorous, We start at 6:00am extreme workout and end the night with lights out at 9:30, but really we finally hit the bed around 10:30 or 11.  

This week our duties consisted of 6am work out then take care of all the livestock, this includes feeding all the chickens around 60, feeding the 5 goats and milking Midnight the goat.  After this we have breakfast then worship then teaching till noon, this week was Ham radio, next week will be inner healing and deliverance.  Lunch is at noon then we do more class from 1 one to 3:30 then we do more project or more livestock, dinner at five, intercession at 6 teaching till 8 then lights out at 9:30.  So this is a basic schedule that changes up every now and then.  It has been a challenge but we have been doing great.  JJ also has been doing really well everyone loves having him around and he loves taking care of the goats and chickens, this is his favorite duty.

We have been making yogurt and kiefer from the goats milk so this has been an extra added benefit!! Its so good for you!  

We have done many projects since being at our training.  We have helped in the following;

Creating solar hot water showers

Building a green house

Setting up a hydroponic unit

Making a chicken coop

Butchering a lamb 

Learning how to use ham radio (taking our tests next week to get our license)

Learning CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) Chaplaincy 

Helping to build a Geodesic home for one of the families

This has all been in the last two weeks and there is MUCH more to be learned and to happen.  We are really excited about what God is doing in us and with our whole group up there!  We have the group split into four teams, Jordan and I are unit leaders of unit 2 (the yellow team) We are amazed at how God has already unified our hearts together and in the little time we have to connect with each other outside of the projects, how He has brought so much encouragement, love and joy to each one of us. Besides our role as unit leaders we are involved in planning the deployment to Japan which Jessica is helping to head up with our friend Wade Baker who will be co-leading the trip with us. Also Jordan has been made the Unit Leader Liaison his role is to communicate between the unit leaders and the camp director. All of this has been quite a balancing act! 

The biggest thing that has really been hitting my heart this last week is the reality of what is ahead of us!  We all know that things around the world and right here on our on soil are just going to begin to escalate and we desperately need to be prepared and ready to give the answers that are to come!  When 100,000 people die instantly from  tsunami or an earthquake the first question is always "why God why!?"  Who will be ready to answer these questions? Not just nonbelievers will be asking this question.  I actually believe that many believers will be shocked by what they see and will be offended towards God.  So we must be ready to answer the question for them to lead them back to the sovereign reign and love of Jesus!  

Guys there is an urgency in the hour and we must allow our hearts to be prepared and be open to any other preparation the Lord might lead us into.

In all of this I am thankful for the promise of Psalm 91. That we have shelter and rest in Him in the midst of crisis.

Thanks again for your prayers and support!

Will update you again soon,


Send Off Party Sept. 3rd

Please join Us For Our Send Off and Support Raising Party!


Jordan and Jessica with Paul and Toni Danchik


September 3rd at 5:00pm


Paul and Toni Danchik Residence
31911 E. Nine Drive
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677