Wow, The Lord allowed Jordan and I to see His powerful hand in the midst of tragedy. Two days ago Jordan, JJ, myself and 4 other of our CRI team members went on a 5 mile hike to green sands beach. At the beach our friend Anthony decided to have us baptize him as he is growing in his faith and desiring to follow Jesus with his whole life! On the way home we came upon a woman laying in the road surrounded by about 12 young asian people.

A few minutes earlier she had been standing in the back of a truck and the truck swerved causing her to fly out at 35-40mph, she landed on her head and shoulder.  When we arrived we immediately could tell everyone standing around her was in shock, they were scared for their friend and didnt know what to do. So our CRI training kicked in and we began to help.


As we ran over I held her head and quickly to stabilize and make sure she didn't move, I introduced ourselves and called out to everyone to cry out to the Jesus that he would hear from heaven and heal this woman.  After our prayer the team was amazing we didn't even have to talk to each other we all just took our positions, Shelah began to do a partial head to toe exam, where we found out that she lost her vision from the impact.  Phil began taking vitals, Patty was praying and gathering information about the incident and already planning debriefing strategies, Jordan was praying on the side with individuals including the driver helping him walk through this traumatic event (CISM skills) and Anthony praying and directing traffic!  We worked as one unit it was such a great feeling!

As I looked in the young girls eyes all I could see was blackness, you could see no color in her eye, it was a moment of helplessness at the thought that this girl was now blind from the impact.  We felt the urgency that if God didn't show up then nothing would happen, so I cried out again that "everyone lift your voices to the Lord and pray that she would see and whatever was causing the blindness that it would correct itself."  It was like what paul must have felt in the book of acts being of one accord, because for that brief moment in time I felt that all of us were united like I have never felt, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so comforting and powerful!  After about one maybe two minutes of prayer I asked her to open her eyes again she didn't need to say anything I knew she could see because now I could see her beautiful brown eyes.  In her tired pained voice she said, "I can see thank you Jesus!"  This brought faith to everyones heart we praised God and began to ask for more so we prayed for her head.  I was holding her

head and on each side there was two orange size hematoma's (swelling) and as we prayed I literally felt these things go down!  At first I didn't believe it so I tried to look!  I kept my hands on her head and we kept praying.  By the time the paramedics arrived a few more minutes the swelling had reduced to maybe egg size or smaller!!  We thanked the Lord for the work he did  but we continue to pray for a complete healing for Yuri the young girl.

What we didn't know till after the ambulance left was that these young koreans were kids from the YWAM (youth with a mission) base in Kona!!!  They were all believers!  We knew that this was a traumatic event for them and that they would need after care so we called the base and asked if our team could come and facilitate a debriefing for them, they set this up and we drove the next day to Kona.  It was good to see all of them again.  As a team we helped them process the things they saw, heard and felt.  All the guilt, fear shame and helplessness came out and the Lord came in and touched each one.  We were able to pray and then prophecy over these young people!  The previous emotional trauma of the event was now for most of them a tool they saw the Lord using in their life! What an amazing God we serve!  He touched these young people, each one in a different way!  The driver did not show up so we are still praying for him as his walk with the Lord is not strong and he was full of guilt, we even heard the night of the accident that he was suicidal, please continue to lift him up in prayer.

We were able to see Yuri in the hospital and she was in stable condition, with a fractured skull, vertebrae and toe, with lots of road rash.  She was so positive and asked us to please pray for her family that are unbelievers.

Jordan and I walked away from the incident thanking God for the gift that He put us all there at the right time.  That all our training for crisis gave us the confidence to act and move without blinking and eye and more important our faith to trust Him and cry out for healing was heard and answered!  We share this story with you because its a fresh one, but also to encourage you to believe God for more!  Expect Him to move and change lives!

We hope you are blessed by this story and stirred with faith to see God move!


Blessings from the Danchik's