So here we are July 2012, with our first break since last year when Jordan and I first joined with Crisis Response International! It has been full of the Holy Spirit, deployment, adventure, crisis, family, faith, hardship and lots of love! We have enjoyed every bit of what God has called us to do! Having accomplished a basic training and two ARC intensives, response to disaster in Japan and the Philippines, we are excited to look ahead at our Israel training in October and our next ARC training. We also continue to seek the Lord on any deployment to happen between now and then.

We have successfully finished leading our second ARC training school. This school was hosted on a piece of remote

property on the big island of Hawaii. The school was 3 months long, but in preparation for the school and afterwards we spent a good six months with limited running water and electricity. We had seemed to run into problem after problem and hardship all around, while at the same time encountering the love of Jesus and the power of His presence. He gave Jordan and I strength that was beyond what we knew! We believe not only were the students being trained for what they would encounter in the future but we also were being stretched and trained for more to come!

After the end of our school we came to find out that we would no longer be able to use the property that we had spent the last six months building our camp on, this came as a great surprise and left our leadership team in shock. Not to mention that CRI had just moved the whole organization to the area believing this would be a long term base of operations! But just how The Lord operates, the next day Jordan and Sean (the director of CRI) left for the Philippines to meet up with the rest of the CRI team and God poured out in a great way! With salvation and healing before their eyes, the hardships of the last six months seemed to be of no significance of Gods ability to be in control!

With the help from you, our partners, Jordan and I were able to build a shack house on the property believing that we would be

there for at least a few years saving us money instead of renting! But through the changes with the property we have found ourselves posting ads on craigslist to sell our “dream home”. Again we are confident of Gods ability to take care of us and provide, not only a buyer but a new place to live. Believing that he can provide finances for us through this sale!  We are fortunate right now that we are able to continue to live in our shack house till the Lord shows us the next step!

"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes.  So is everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3:8  This verse is a statement of our lives right now!  We are truly waiting on the Lord for His every move.  We can do nothing apart from His leading.  Sometimes it looks and feels challenging but then you see the fruit!  Just in the past few weeks we have been able to be apart of creative miracle healings and salvations of drug dealers, men from prison and several other prodigals!  The Lord is so good and our hearts desire to love with His love!