Wow!!  What can I say the last two weeks have been a whirl wind!! Our send off party was amazing so thank you so much to everyone who came to be with us to pray and bless us as we headed off!   

Like usual it came to down to the last day with getting all our stuff out of the house and what we could fit in our car we took to Lucerne Valley to do our 9 week ARC training.  We are two weeks into it and can you believe it this is literally the first day we have had to be able to have a free moment!!  Our schedule is very rigorous, We start at 6:00am extreme workout and end the night with lights out at 9:30, but really we finally hit the bed around 10:30 or 11.  

This week our duties consisted of 6am work out then take care of all the livestock, this includes feeding all the chickens around 60, feeding the 5 goats and milking Midnight the goat.  After this we have breakfast then worship then teaching till noon, this week was Ham radio, next week will be inner healing and deliverance.  Lunch is at noon then we do more class from 1 one to 3:30 then we do more project or more livestock, dinner at five, intercession at 6 teaching till 8 then lights out at 9:30.  So this is a basic schedule that changes up every now and then.  It has been a challenge but we have been doing great.  JJ also has been doing really well everyone loves having him around and he loves taking care of the goats and chickens, this is his favorite duty.

We have been making yogurt and kiefer from the goats milk so this has been an extra added benefit!! Its so good for you!  

We have done many projects since being at our training.  We have helped in the following;

Creating solar hot water showers

Building a green house

Setting up a hydroponic unit

Making a chicken coop

Butchering a lamb 

Learning how to use ham radio (taking our tests next week to get our license)

Learning CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) Chaplaincy 

Helping to build a Geodesic home for one of the families

This has all been in the last two weeks and there is MUCH more to be learned and to happen.  We are really excited about what God is doing in us and with our whole group up there!  We have the group split into four teams, Jordan and I are unit leaders of unit 2 (the yellow team) We are amazed at how God has already unified our hearts together and in the little time we have to connect with each other outside of the projects, how He has brought so much encouragement, love and joy to each one of us. Besides our role as unit leaders we are involved in planning the deployment to Japan which Jessica is helping to head up with our friend Wade Baker who will be co-leading the trip with us. Also Jordan has been made the Unit Leader Liaison his role is to communicate between the unit leaders and the camp director. All of this has been quite a balancing act! 

The biggest thing that has really been hitting my heart this last week is the reality of what is ahead of us!  We all know that things around the world and right here on our on soil are just going to begin to escalate and we desperately need to be prepared and ready to give the answers that are to come!  When 100,000 people die instantly from  tsunami or an earthquake the first question is always "why God why!?"  Who will be ready to answer these questions? Not just nonbelievers will be asking this question.  I actually believe that many believers will be shocked by what they see and will be offended towards God.  So we must be ready to answer the question for them to lead them back to the sovereign reign and love of Jesus!  

Guys there is an urgency in the hour and we must allow our hearts to be prepared and be open to any other preparation the Lord might lead us into.

In all of this I am thankful for the promise of Psalm 91. That we have shelter and rest in Him in the midst of crisis.

Thanks again for your prayers and support!

Will update you again soon,