Our time in Israel and Kurdistan of Iraq, has really solidified the call for us as a family for the Middle East.  There is no way to deny the compassion we have in our hearts for the people in the Middle East.  While we were in Kurdistan we met so many amazing beautiful people!  We in the West are so good at judging and assuming so many things, that when you actually spend time with this culture you realize they carry so many things that we have forgotten!  We have made wonderful friends and these friends treat us like family.  The way they love our children is absolutely mind blowing, caring for them as their own.  Going to every length to make us feel comfortable and loved.  

Its no wonder every time we leave I start crying about a week before we leave!  :)  How do you leave people you have just met and fallen in love with?  I have no answer to this except to say, "I am coming back"  And that's exactly what we are doing!  We are headed back to Iraq and Israel.  We are making ourselves available for God to use us and take us wherever He wants.  We cant wait to take everyone with us on this journey of faith, Hope and Love.