We have now been in Northern Iraq for almost two and half months.  It feels like a lifetime really! Why? I don't know, maybe because the days are so long and hot :)  We stay up way to late because that is the culture, but then our children remind us they are not fully Iraqi (although Beniniah is more Iraqi than he is American) they wake up early and ready face the day.  

Its hot here.  I mean really hot.  And do you know the power is out 3-6 hours a day at random times, no big deal right? Well when its 120 degrees it becomes a big deal especially when you have small children, your trying to run a deployment, and you have a million things happening and going wrong all at once :) 

There is a million things I have to say but for some reason as I sit here I am drawing a blank!  This might be because my brain is so fried haha :) Thank God for the little things and all His amazing ways of showing us his love and provisions.

ok more to come tomorrow...