4 moths here.  Nothing has changed.  There is still hundreds of thousands of refugees, its still hot, we still have diarrhea, the power still goes out everyday, everything still takes 2-3 days to get finished and we are still pioneering whatever God whats to do among this refuge Nation.  

I guess if I look beyond the hardships of life in this place and ask to see with Kingdom eyes, I can see and trust the armies of heaven are fervently fighting a war that will be won!  And we are a part of this Master plan of Gods.  I can see lives changing, and peace coming.  I see healings, I see love covering a multitude of sins.  I see a refreshing water being poured out on all those that need His Grace for one more day.  

Our lives our not our own.  Do you we really believe that?  'if they persecuted me they will persecute you" Do you we really believe this and are we ready to drink this scripture like a refreshing glass of water?  I know my family is making decisions and placing ourselves directly in the midst of an ugly war, (physically and spiritually) But yet the peace seems to increase as the chaos and war rages. 

I am a simple person. God put a warrior heart in my spirit  the day I was born.  He filled me with truth and faith.  He said go and we said yes.  Life with the Lord is simple.  He directs our paths and as long as we keep saying yes He keeps making the way.  The road to yes is not always as simple!  But He gives the grace to keep running.  He brings people alongside of us to remember who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. He brings them to lift our arms and to carry us through.  To bring the refreshing and to remind us that we are not alone and there are others to fight the good fight!

I have been so humbled by the body that is coming together in prayer lifting up the gruesome situation here in the Middle East!  Not only have we felt the prayers we have seen them push back the waves of darkness!  We have seen heaven open and Gods love pour out!  Thank you everyone who has prayed for us, our teams and the beautiful people of the Middle East.  Daily my heart is stopped and in awe at the unity of the believers when there is challenges placed before us!  May God continue to unite His body and change the world!

Thank you God for my team!  You sent the right people!  You knew exactly who we needed here for the right time.  I stand in Awe that He is in control of everything and knows everything!  I have not doubts in His leadership and ability to walk me through this life with, love peace grace and mercy!