Well, it's about time that I (Jordan) write my first blog for our site!

So here goes, I thought I would do a summary of what we did at the ARC school in South Point Hawaii aka ARC 2, since it was the second ARC school. We began our journey with the South Point School in mid - December as we arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii. Upon our arrival we connected with Ryan (Jessica's brother) &  his wife Jamie & thier son Malachi & dog Bandit :) Ryan was working in conjuction with a ministry named Highway 58, he was overseeing a 97 acre property and starting a coffee farm.  CRI was given the opportunity to do training on the property and help with starting the farm. Jessica and I were able to help build up the garden in anticipation of staff and students that were coming.  Eventually with the help of a D8 Bulldozer we were able to clear a place for the camp & ARC School.  Day by day 10 staff members began to arrive and put thier hand to clearing the land and tent by tent build our camp.  Soon there was a main meeting tent, shower tent, storage/tool tent, kitchen tent, & staff housing tents. From late December to February 11th we made preparation for the students to arrive. On February 12th  our 12 students arrived and began to set up thier tents and get acclamated to living in the camp. It was not long before the thirteen week teaching curriculm began. Due to our unique environment some of our teaching content was on sustainability, we were able to have 30% of our food coming from the garden as well as being able to trap, kill, & eat wild boar on the property of which we got one in the school and three shortly after. We also had the opportunity to hunt & eat wild goat as well as spearfish and fish in the local area.  Our camp had a generator for power, propane fridge, propane stoves, porta potties (by the end of the school we built composting toilets), and some limited running water.  Our schedule consisted of workout at 6:00 am, breakfast at 7:15 am, worship and prayer 8:00 - !0:00, teaching from 10:00 -12:30, lunch 12:30 -1:30, teaching or project 130 - 3:30, work duty/project time (garden, kitchen, maintenance, etc.) 3:30 - 5:00, dinner 5:00- 6:00, free time, and occasional teaching time, 9:00 lights out. Our teachers included : Sean Malone, (Vision & Mission of CRI, four phases of disaster, processing pig and cooking) Laura Malone ( HOPE House Of Prayer & Encounter, Conflict Resolution) Ken & Carrie Husband (ACTS 2  fitness & nutrition)  Bryan Finlay & Stacy Pulse (Daily Fitness)Craig Cook (Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance, End Time Theology, Partner Development) Dr. Bob Doe (Emphasizing the directioin of Holy Spirit in phases of disaster & whether or not to rebuild a city, ex. Haiti/ New Orleans) Ryan Schumacher (agriculture) Jonathan Oliver (Situational Awareness/Self Defense) Ash (Hawaiian Fish Lesson, Spearfishing- Fishing - Cleaning) Pastor Troy (Hawaiian Cultural Sensitivity- Goat Cleaning- Processing) Karen Knopp (CPR Preparation)Tracy White (CPR/ First Aid, Wilderness First Aid)  David Bustin ( HAMM Radio) Wade Baker (Search & Rescue) Bob Frasier (ACTS Prayer Model) Alan Robinson (Basic Health Practices/ Sustainability) Noel Alexander (Intercession from Heaven's Perspective) Neville Jacobson (Testimony of a Life of Faith) Chris Bergland (The Simplicity of Christ/Abiding life - What's possible in Christ) Page Benke (Grief & Loss) Patty Meyers (Treasure Hunting/Prophetic Evangelism) Steve (Basic Building) Jessica Danchik (Preparedness) Jordan Danchik (ACTS Prayer Model, CISM, Criticle Incident Stress Manageent) Tom & Donna Cole (Pure Heart ,inner healing based on the beattitudes)

Of all that was taught and experienced in the thirteen weeks the greatest lessons were found in living in community among the challenging conditions.  It was stretching for both staff and students yet produced powerful lifelong friendships. Jessica and I were so thankful to be a part of the experience and look forward to the next adventure.