Wow the goodness of God....I could write forever on this.  Its 2:40 in the morning I am celebrating my 11 year anniversary in  5 star hotel that I could never afford in my life, in Northern Iraq doing something I never could have imagined and at the same time God is answering every prayer and dream in my heart since I was a child!  

God is good!  

About a week ago I woke around 2am and I felt compelled to ask and pray about $1200 for arabic lessons.  So I put a quick post on Facebook and then said a simple prayer, Lord, please provide for me the $1200 for my Arabic lessons, God give me one check please" I prayed for one check because so many times I am waiting on funds coming from here and there and I feel such an urgency to learn.  I woke up the next morning and Jordan told me hey guess what?  Someone wrote you a $1200 check for your lessons!  God is so good! He cares about everything we care about!

I wanted to bless Jordan with a nice birthday and 11 year anniversary but we cant afford much, we drive by a 5 star hotel often on our way to take care of refugees.  Again I prayed Lord Make a way for us to stay there!  A few days later my close friends give us money to stay at a hotel, not enough for this one so I said, Lord make a way.  I emailed the hotel and asked if they could help me....guess what, They did!  They decked our room out gave us an incredible corner sweet with amazing views over the whole city and brought us a chocolate mouse cake....above and beyond....God is so good.

These are just a few physical stories of Gods goodness and blessings in our lives.  There is a whole other range of goodness that God is doing right now in our lives!  He is truly answering the desires of my heart!  People are getting healed, saved and their lives are changing in massive ways.  Gods love is pouring forth on all creation and we have a chance to be apart of it here in a war torn area, where darkness wants to take over and be the focus of the world!  Its an honor for us to be here in the midst of it all.

As its now 3am I am sitting in my bed looking out over the beautiful city dreaming with God and envisioning what His plan is for His people here and also for me and my family....I feel that the possibilities are endless!  We will see God do great and mighty things in this place no doubt about it.

Pray with me if you can.  I want to build a refugee camp founded on the word of God! A true place of refuge and worship...bring the truth to all the people that so desperately need it right now!  I can see an awesome camp being built, one that's like no that's filled with hope, peace, joy and love and the overflow fills the city with its sweet fragrance! 

BELIEVE WITH ME FOR THIS! I want to see a nation affected by the prayers of the saints.  Bed time now.