Jordan and I write all of you today with lots of excitement and full of expectancy for what God is doing here in the islands!  We came out here with Crisis Response International helping facilitate/lead training schools for the organization and now we have found ourselves in the middle of something incredible that God is doing here in this little town of Naalehu, HI, the southern most point of the United states!  We connected here with the local churches and begun to build relationships with them.  As we helped out with the worship and prayer meetings in any way that we could we began to see the Lords heart for this island and the local people.  The Lord began to draw all kinds of unexpected "church guests"!!  One of the big ICE dealers (meth) on this side of the island came and ended up giving his life to the Lord, we had guys come straight from prison right to church that were touched by the Lord!  Many of the congregation that have not moved in the gifts of the Spirit began to use their gifts of prophecy, intercession, exhortation and healing!  Its been an incredible experience to see the Lord moving in the ways that we have so desired to see!

We also had the privilege to pray for a woman who my mom had met a week prior and had told me she was so worried about this young woman who was going to have open heart surgery.  Well the local church decided to do their Sunday service at the beach last week.  This local woman was down there (as this was her normal hang out along with many other locals)  My mother saw this woman and went over and invited her along with another guy.  At the end of the service I saw her raise her hand to know Jesus.  But right after the service they left.  My mom came running over and said you have to go after them, she is the one who needs the heart surgery!!!

So we went over and asked her if we could pray for her.  The Lord showed up and prophetically ministered to her heart in a way that was life changing and impacting!  After this we asked if we could pray for healing!  As we prayed for healing we asked her if she felt any changes (she had a tumor that burst two weeks earlier that caused numbness from the waist down)  She said that she was able to feel her feet for the first time in two weeks!!

We felt the Holy Spirit in such a powerful way that we knew the Lord would heal her completely so we prayed for her again and then I gave her my number and said the Lord is going to completely heal you today call me after He does!  Sure enough we got a phone call the next morning that she was completely healed!  She said that, after we prayed she was out fishing and she started feeling super sick so she went home and got in the bath tub, she was rubbing her stomach cause she felt so sick and when she got up to go to the bathroom she said it was like she was having a miscarriage, a ton of fluid came rushing out of her body!  She said this happen two more times.  She was so scared, but at the same time wondering if this was the fluid that was surrounding her heart.

She called her doctor first thing and so they told her to come in.  They did blood work and an MRI and to much astonishment of the doctors they found no fluid surrounding the heart, no more hole in heart which caused a heart murmur and her border line diabetic blood was now at perfect levels!  Her surgery was scheduled for Friday in San Diego, and her survival chance from the surgery was at 30% so you can imagine she was full of fear and not ready to do this.  The doctors canceled her surgery because there was no need!  She told her doctors "I don't need surgery because God is my surgeon!!"  Not only did the Lord draw her to himself by love, but he healed her and He set her heart on fire for Him!  She is passionate for Him and she told me,"all I want to do is fill my life with the Fathers words!"  As you can imagine we are just so excited to see the Lord moving in all the ways He is!!

The drug dealer that got saved is now preaching Jesus to his family and everyone he see's!  Its incredible!  People want to know about Jesus because they see how changed his life has become!!

We feel so honored that the Lord has allowed us to be apart of so many changes in peoples lives, we are also SO expectant for much more!!!

During all this excitement we are also gearing up and preparing for our Crisis Response training in Isra-el that takes place in October.  We believe this will be a strategic trip not only for our responders attending but also for Jordan and I personally, for whatever the Lord would have for us in the future for regarding Israel.  We will be working with the Israeli Defense Force, the local police department, the fire department and also the EVP(the emergency volunteer program).  This will be an exciting training with also the possibilities of outreach to the North and South in Isra-el.

We are also in prayer about the possibilities of helping to lead an ACR Intensive 3 month training school in Canbuy, Orgeon starting in January.

We so value all of your prayers and support.  We want to thank each one of you for giving financially toward Jordan and I.  We are doing what we are doing because you have agreed to partner with us and say yes to the Lord in support for us.  Every life that is touched through what we are doing here in Hawaii, the Philippines, Japan, Isra-el and many other places you are directly connected to the blessings being poured out in the work that is done!

Thank you & we continue to pray for God's best for you & your family!