Well as most of you know Jessica and I have decided to join as full time staff with Crisis Response International Ministries (CRI) as "mercy missionaries" . This is a disaster relief ministry whose desire and call is to train people (Mercy missionaries) to care for those in crisis and to help them to rebuild their lives and cities on the kingdom of God.  We raise all of our own support to be able to do the work that we do.  We are so greatful for all of our friends and family for their amazing support to allow us to do that which is in our hearts to do!  Thank You!


In September we made a big decision to get rid of everything we own and move to Lucerne Valley for a 9 week ARC Intensive training with CRI
where we would be pastorally facilitating the students.  This was one of the most incredible things we have done.  The community that we formed and all the things we learned were life changing.  There were classes daily on all kinds of things from agriculture, wilderness first aid, Ham radio, Critical incident stress management (CISM), food safety, security, fitness, healthy living, to search and rescue overnight simulations!  We lived in the desert 9 weeks with no electricity or hot showers!  The only way for electricity was through the generators we used.  I will just say this, when you get 55 people together in that kind of setting you are bound to grow and to be changed!  It was hard season but it was the most incredible at the same time!


Right after the ARC Intensive we led a 15 person team to Japan, where we were able to accomplish our three main goals. 1. Provide Disaster relief assistance for the two hard hit areas from the March tsunami in the North and also the back to back typhoons that hit the south.  2.  Partner with the Tokyo house of prayer.  3.  To set the stage for future deployments/trainings in Japan.  We were able to accomplish all of these goals.  It was an incredible trip!  Please visit our facebook page or our media page on the website for photos of both the ARC Intensive School and the Japan trip.

THE BIG NEWS!                                                                           

We will be moving to Hawaii the big island for about the next year or so to facilitate and lead the next ARC Intensives!   We will be pastorally over 40 students and 20 staff.  This is an exciting jump for us as we feel God has prepared us for this very moment! Jessica's brother Ryan Schumacher lives in Hawaii working with Highway 58 Ministries on 94 acres of land.  He is building a sustainable living community and farm.  This is where we will be doing the next ARC Intensives.  The Property is totally barren of any civilization only what Ryan has begun to farm (as you can see in the pictures)

We desire that you get involved in any way that you can! You can help us through prayer, financially or by joining the training. To know more about how you can partner with us, please visit our Get Involved Page.