This week was a pretty wild week up in the desert!  We had a massive windstorm sweep through the area all day on Wednesday.  It came with 70mph winds and rain!  When your in the middle of the desert and nothing surrounding you it can be quite intense!  We thought we had braced well for the storm but as it came we realized that the winds were much more intense then we imagined!  So with dust ripping through the air hitting us like a sand blaster we pressed through for 3 or so hours in the madness to get all the tents and tarps down, including taking apart our hydroponic unit and also re-assesing our chickens and goat pens.  

When it was all said and done it was a great mini real life crisis situation that caused our team to unify and learn to work together in the midst of chaos.  That week also happen to be our training in CISM (critical incident stress managment) so we were able to do a great real life debriefing with our teacher and had some great examples of walking people through their own healing, because the storm hit a trigger in their heart about fear from their past.  The Lord could not have planned it better.  This was a great scenerio to put into play all the things we had learned during the week!  

We did have a tragedy that also happened this week, Jordan's cousin Sam was shot and killed in New Mexico, this was a very difficult blow to his family as you can imagine.  Right now we are in the midst of trying to arrange plans to be able to attend the memorial and funeral New Mexico next week. Please as you read this if you could just lift up their whole family in prayer especially Jordans aunt, Sam's mom.  

We would also like to let you guys know whats going on for us in the future and where we could use your prayers and support.  We finish our training up in the desert on November 11th, that same day we will drive to LAX and head to Japan. Jordan and I will CO-lead with our now, good friend Wade, who is actually teaching our training here in the desert on wilderness survival and first aid.  We will then stay in Japan from the 11th to the 29th.  During this trip we will focus mainly on buliding relationship with the Tokyo house of prayer and also some other contacts in the Osaka area.  We will also go up to Sendai (the tsunami hit area) and Osaka, where the typhoons caused damage, to do some relief work in those areas.  We are excited to build relationship with the Japanese community and also look ahead for future training events in Japan.  

After this trip we will come back home for a couple weeks, where we would love to connect with all of you so please email us now for a time and date to connect!  Then we are off to hawaii, probally around the middle of December.  This is where we will be preparing for the next ARC Intensive training school that will be in February.  This will be another 3 month training event.  Jordan will be able to teach in this next school, so he is super excited to be able to pour out his passions for teaching into the next wave of students.

So yeah guys this is whats going on!  I will give another update next week, and I cant wait to fill you in after our wilderness survival class!  Its going to be a real fun week!  

We love you all and are keeping you in prayer and we thank you so much for all your prayers and support!! 

Much love, 

Jessica, Jordan and JJ