Year End Giving, Consider Giving to Whole Heart International

Our family is dedicated to giving resources and caring for the people of the Middle East. That is why we have moved to Northern Iraq, we desire to be hope in the midst of deep pain and sorrow, caring for beautiful people.  Those, whose lives have been destroyed by terrorism and war. Whole Heart International is committed to caring for these lives, using all the physical resource we are able to obtain and of course caring for the emotional and spiritual needs, bringing Love, Hope and Joy.  Please consider partnering with our organization towards our projects Northern Iraq.  


We have a weekly outreach where we get the privilege to give some supplies to Refugees and Internally Displaced People, then spend the day visiting with families in their homes, sharing stories of love, hope, peace and joy.  We have made wonderful friends and our hope is to create a community of hope.  As we pray with these families so many encounter the great love of God bringing not only emotional healing but physical healing.  Consider giving to our weekly outreach, providing physical resources and emotional/spiritual care.  Thank you for your Partnership!  


Weekly Soccer Outreach with Syrian Refugees  in the camps

We have started our weekly outreach in the camps with a soccer program for the youth.  Through this ongoing project, our heart is to build relationship with the youth and through soccer not only teach them soccer skills but more importantly life skills, leadership skills, the love for life and to be givers of love, joy, peace and hope.  We have been able to provide some soccer equipment but would love to do more such as provide uniforms, more balls, and medals for tournaments and to give a cover over the field.  


Supporting a Syrian Refugee School

We are currently helping to support an informal Syrian refugee school that meets in a home. Our heart is to help it grow so that more children can have access to education in the community. We would love to help provide the children with computers to be able to grow their education possibilities. We are looking to provide them with 10 laptop computers by the end of this year in order to start a computer class. Our hope is to be able to rent a larger home in the community to have more classrooms and to bring in more teachers. Consider giving to our Education project.